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Complete Sleep Program

Exclusively for Iron Road Healthcare members

Since 2006, the Complete Sleep Program has been helping Iron Road Healthcare (formerly UPREHS) members get a good night sleep by treating sleep apnea.  As a nationally recognized program, our dedicated sleep team manages everything from sleep testing to helping you find the right treatment and making sure you have the right supplies for your CPAP/BIPAP machine.  Iron Road members are required to go through the Complete Sleep Program in order for your testing and supplies to be covered by our plan.


What our members are saying about the Complete Sleep Program

I have so much more energy when I’m teaching late classes or when I’m working out. CPAP has changed my life.

Remember, sleep plays a vital role in health—and in illness. If you are struggling getting used to your PAP system, get help from someone who has been there and done that. It can make a tremendous difference!


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