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How the Complete Sleep Program works

The Complete Sleep Program is an exclusive resource for Iron Road Healthcare members with sleep apnea.  We handle everything from arranging sleep tests to providing CPAP machines and supplies.

How to order a sleep study

Prior authorization is required for Iron Road Healthcare members

All sleep studies, home or in-lab, must be pre authorized by the Complete Sleep Program for any Iron Road member.  By default, our sleep studies are in-home. To arrange a sleep study for our member, click the link below, complete the information, and a member of our team will contact the patient/member to arrange for the sleep study. The results will be sent back to the requesting provider.  If you are ordering an in-lab sleep study, please include supporting clinical information.


How to submit a prescription for PAP equipment and supplies

Iron Road Healthcare members must get their PAP equipment and supplies via the Complete Sleep Program.  PAP equipment and supplies obtained by other vendors will not be covered by the plan. In order for a member to qualify for PAP equipment, the prescribing physician should complete and sign the PAP order indicating the mode of therapy, pressure settings, length of need, and associated supplies.  The provider will also need to include supporting clinical documentation and a copy of the sleep study results.  Fax this information to us at (801) 595-2051.  Once we receive the order, a member of the Complete Sleep team will reach out to the member.

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